Success Is Not An Accident

YOU are dedicated to reaching your potential

WE combine technology and expertise

TOGETHER success is earned and achieved

"Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent."

Nolan Ryan

The winning combination for pitching success


With World Class Methodology

Innovative and personalized coaching dedicated to optimizing your success with an emphasis on technique, mindset, strategy, and physical instruction. 


To Unlock Your Pitching Potential

PitchingWRX facilities combine quality tools and technologies with dedicated space and expert guidance for holistic training that goes beyond the mound.


Provided by Elite Professionals

Beyond baseball, train with and learn from certified Physical Therapists who can integrate their programs into your objectives, and follow through with you


State of the Art Movement Technology

The latest in athletic performance technology to improve your game. Featuring DARI, Proteus, and Trackman; receive quantifiable data to track your progress.

The PitchingWRX formula for success:

Our process blends proven coaching methods and cutting edge performance technology. We establish a baseline and then develop an individualized plan for each athlete.

EVALUATE We establish capabilities and weaknesses through evaluation.

LISTEN  We take time to understand your goals and aspirations.

SUPPORT – We surround you with the best of everything; people, equipment, technology, and resources. 

WORK  Your dedication and effort matter most when it comes to your success. As you get stronger, we increase the challenge. 

TRACK – Your progress is measured and provided to you through a personal web resource and app. Tracking helps us monitor your progress and establish future goals. 

STRETCH – Personal goals are based on what you know today. We support you and provide you with the tools needed to outperform the athelete you were yesterday. 

Maximize your performance

All programs come with an evaluation ($500 value), access to the ArmCare App, and an annual or seasonal membership plan.

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Physical Conditioning

A custom strength and conditioning regiment is created for each athlete based on their individual goals, DARI assessment, and the assessment of their coach. At the PitchingWRX facility, we provide all of the equipment each athlete needs to successfully achieve their strength and conditioning milestones.


PitchingWRX features 3 clay pitching mounds so that athletes get the real feel of game-time pitching when they practice.

PitchingWRX - Bull Pen